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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Top Score Charts

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Some Countries Represented

Bosnia and Herzegovina Kuwait Honduras Ghana Guadeloupe Sudan Panama Haiti Guyana Guinea Norway Argentina Cameroon Suriname American Samoa Lesotho Ecuador Macau Czech Republic Guam China Djibouti East Timor Lithuania Paraguay Israel Guinea-Bissau Liberia Lao People Canada Georgia Mauritania Iceland Oman Ukraine Bahrain Libyan Arab Jamahiriya Uganda Cyprus Russian Federation Gambia Mongolia Finland French Guiana Malta Tunisia Cape
Verde Austria France Barbados Andorra Europe Puerto Rico Reunion Vietnam Malaysia Chile Dominican Republic Colombia Switzerland Morocco Luxembourg Saudi Arabia Zimbabwe   El Salvador Yemen Palau Mexico Bulgaria Myanmar Angola Hungary Portugal Syrian Arab
Republic Uruguay Italy Nigeria Monaco Taiwan

Mahjong Top Scores in last 24 Hours  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Sun135,57515 HardChina
2vovan107,60018 EasyRussian Federation
3No Name104,48518 EasyUnited States
4Elya Retich104,07018 EasyRussian Federation
5Kar6288,80014 MediumUnited States
6No Name78,20011 HardUnited States
7No Name76,45011 HardChina
8iris73,65012 MediumRussian Federation
9No Name72,29012 MediumGermany
10giuly71,91014 EasyItaly
11No Name70,15010 HardIndonesia
12No Name66,38513 EasyGermany
13No Name66,23011 MediumChina
14Elya Retich64,30013 EasyRussian Federation
15No Name63,67011 MediumSwitzerland
16吴延伟63,35513 EasyChina
17Vladimir62,12510 HardRussian Federation
18Naveen Raj M61,90513 EasyIndonesia
19No Name60,24011 MediumSwitzerland
20Hiller 25.5.1759,05012 EasyAustria
21No Name59,000HardChina
22No Name58,70512 EasyChina
23Rolli57,82510 HardGermany
24ab56,92010 MediumSaudi Arabia
25Balu56,81010 MediumChile
26No Name56,12010 MediumChina
27Vincent55,50010 HardChina
28No Name54,89011 EasyChina
29Udo54,70010 HardGermany
30No Name54,56010 MediumIsrael
31No Name54,53012 EasyChina
32weko54,12512 EasyIreland
33weko53,52011 EasyIreland
34gorani5752,775HardSerbia and Montenegro
35No Name52,71011 EasyChina
36Ksuha52,37011 EasyRussian Federation
37gorani5751,425HardSerbia and Montenegro
39gorani5750,950HardSerbia and Montenegro
40Han 17052950,84011 EasyNetherlands
41No Name50,20011 EasyChina
42No Name49,68011 EasyAustria
43No Name49,200HardChina
44weko49,16011 EasyIreland
45No Name48,550HardSerbia and Montenegro
46No Name47,70511 EasyChina
47gorani5747,600HardSerbia and Montenegro
48di47,450HardUnited Kingdom
49Hildegard 46,93511 EasyGermany
50No Name46,92510 EasyChina
51No Name45,830MediumChina
52No Name45,49010 EasyChina
53No Name45,480EasyChina
54No Name45,230MediumChina
55No Name45,17511 EasyChina
56No Name45,030EasyChina
58No Name44,75510 EasyChina
60No Name42,850EasyChina
61No Name42,815EasyChina
62No Name42,320EasyChina
63No Name42,270EasyChina
64No Name41,885EasyChina
65No Name41,860EasyChina
66No Name41,70010 EasyChina
67No Name41,550EasyChina
68No Name41,550HardChina
69No Name41,480MediumIsrael
70No Name41,055EasyChina
71sophia40,99010 EasyUnited States
72No Name40,780EasyChina
73Edizz40,68510 EasyUnited States
74No Name40,210EasyChina
75No Name40,120MediumChina
76gorani5740,100HardSerbia and Montenegro
77No Name40,05010 EasyChina
78Will.B40,01010 EasyAustralia
79No Name39,825EasyChina
80No Name38,215EasyChina
81No Name38,150MediumChina
82No Name38,125EasyChina
85Elya Retich37,915EasyRussian Federation
86No Name37,905EasyChina
87No Name37,675HardChina
88No Name37,61510 EasyChina
89No Name37,600EasyChina
90No Name37,600HardKazakstan
91Edizz37,500EasyUnited States
92No Name37,475HardChina
93Elya Retich37,300EasyRussian Federation
94No Name37,280MediumChina
95No Name37,250MediumChina
96No Name37,250HardChina
97No Name37,215EasyChina
98No Name37,015EasyChina
99No Name36,900EasyRussian Federation
100No Name36,810EasyChina