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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Note: Only the best 5 scores from any Android is displayed so everyone gets a fair chance to make their mark on the top 100!

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Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Saudi Arabia  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1No Name81,15514 EasySaudi Arabia
2inchy72,12511 HardSaudi Arabia
3No Name68,62012 MediumSaudi Arabia
4 68,44011 MediumSaudi Arabia
5No Name65,02011 MediumSaudi Arabia
6No Name64,64013 EasySaudi Arabia
7No Name62,84013 EasySaudi Arabia
8No Name62,54013 EasySaudi Arabia
9No Name62,470MediumSaudi Arabia
10No Name61,59012 EasySaudi Arabia
11ع ص صNo Name60,45512 EasySaudi Arabia
12No Name59,56512 EasySaudi Arabia
13No Name57,75512 EasySaudi Arabia
14ab57,31010 MediumSaudi Arabia
15No Name57,01012 EasySaudi Arabia
16No Name56,48012 EasySaudi Arabia
17N.M.B.55,95010 MediumSaudi Arabia
18No Name55,78511 EasySaudi Arabia
19No Name55,09011 EasySaudi Arabia
20No Name54,55512 EasySaudi Arabia
21No Name54,34010 MediumSaudi Arabia
22No Name53,72511 EasySaudi Arabia
23No Name53,230EasySaudi Arabia
24No Name53,20511 EasySaudi Arabia
25No Name6552,870MediumSaudi Arabia
261234552,700MediumSaudi Arabia
27ab52,46010 MediumSaudi Arabia
28N.M.B52,28010 MediumSaudi Arabia
29No Name52,09011 EasySaudi Arabia
30No Name51,75011 EasySaudi Arabia
31No Name51,65011 EasySaudi Arabia
32No Name51,59512 EasySaudi Arabia
33111111251,360MediumSaudi Arabia
34ab51,06011 EasySaudi Arabia
35No Name50,93511 EasySaudi Arabia
36No Name50,86511 EasySaudi Arabia
37No Name50,860EasySaudi Arabia
38No Name50,740MediumSaudi Arabia
39No Name50,66511 EasySaudi Arabia
40No Name50,52511 EasySaudi Arabia
41No Name50,08011 EasySaudi Arabia
423434343449,370MediumSaudi Arabia
43ab48,830MediumSaudi Arabia
44No Name48,365 New Score12 EasySaudi Arabia
45ab48,06010 MediumSaudi Arabia
46ab47,350MediumSaudi Arabia
47ab47,220MediumSaudi Arabia
48No Name46,81011 EasySaudi Arabia
49N.M.B.46,14010 MediumSaudi Arabia
50ab45,240MediumSaudi Arabia
51No Name45,15510 EasySaudi Arabia
52ab45,140MediumSaudi Arabia
53ab44,570MediumSaudi Arabia
54ab44,430MediumSaudi Arabia
55101044,110MediumSaudi Arabia
56ab43,860MediumSaudi Arabia
57No Name43,81510 EasySaudi Arabia
58ab42,930MediumSaudi Arabia
59 42,85510 EasySaudi Arabia
60ع1242,800MediumSaudi Arabia
61ab42,71010 EasySaudi Arabia
62joj42,67010 EasySaudi Arabia
63No Name41,98510 EasySaudi Arabia
6412341,970MediumSaudi Arabia
651234541,220MediumSaudi Arabia
66ab40,990MediumSaudi Arabia
67No Name39,90010 EasySaudi Arabia
6812339,500MediumSaudi Arabia
692239,110MediumSaudi Arabia
70N.M.B38,820MediumSaudi Arabia
717654438,610MediumSaudi Arabia
721$37,320MediumSaudi Arabia
732236,750MediumSaudi Arabia
74No Name36,605EasySaudi Arabia
75No Name36,495EasySaudi Arabia
76افا19836,360MediumSaudi Arabia
77No Name36,315EasySaudi Arabia
78emmu36,07010 EasySaudi Arabia
79333335,900MediumSaudi Arabia
80N.M.B35,290MediumSaudi Arabia
81No Name35,090EasySaudi Arabia
821222235,090MediumSaudi Arabia
832235,040MediumSaudi Arabia
8445634,970MediumSaudi Arabia
8514714734,950MediumSaudi Arabia
86No Name34,940EasySaudi Arabia
87N.M.B34,760MediumSaudi Arabia
881234534,690MediumSaudi Arabia
89إإNo Name34,645EasySaudi Arabia
90No Name5734,550MediumSaudi Arabia
91No Name34,030EasySaudi Arabia
92No Nameال1233,990MediumSaudi Arabia
937878733,970MediumSaudi Arabia
94789032,660MediumSaudi Arabia
95No Name32,300EasySaudi Arabia
96No Name08532,300MediumSaudi Arabia
977878731,660MediumSaudi Arabia
980099930,560MediumSaudi Arabia
99555555630,250MediumSaudi Arabia
100123430,080MediumSaudi Arabia