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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Portugal  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Guminha104,55014 HardPortugal
2Guminha97,77513 HardPortugal
3Guminha91,10012 HardPortugal
4Guminha88,66013 MediumPortugal
5Guminha87,38515 EasyPortugal
6No Name87,24013 MediumPortugal
7Guminha85,35013 MediumPortugal
8Guminha83,73515 EasyPortugal
9Guminha83,67013 MediumPortugal
10Guminha83,05013 MediumPortugal
11Ana, 30-10-201682,70013 MediumPortugal
12Guminha82,36515 EasyPortugal
13Guminha81,87016 EasyPortugal
14Guminha81,40012 HardPortugal
15Guminha81,15515 EasyPortugal
16Guminha78,62013 MediumPortugal
17Guminha78,38515 EasyPortugal
18Guminha e Jo o77,98014 EasyPortugal
19Guminha77,79515 EasyPortugal
20Guminha77,57512 HardPortugal
21Guminha76,81514 EasyPortugal
22Guminha76,44015 EasyPortugal
23No Name76,30012 MediumPortugal
24Guminha76,29014 EasyPortugal
25mbkoelle 76,05011 HardPortugal
26Guminha75,92511 HardPortugal
27Guminha75,51012 MediumPortugal
28No Name75,49012 MediumPortugal
29Guminha74,40012 MediumPortugal
30mbkoelle 74,27511 HardPortugal
31Guminha74,21014 EasyPortugal
32Guminha74,20012 MediumPortugal
33No Name74,17012 MediumPortugal
34No Name69,73011 MediumPortugal
35mimi67,20510 EasyPortugal
36kkk65,88013 EasyPortugal
37 sao e nando64,79011 MediumPortugal
38nNanaanao Name64,59011 MediumPortugal
39No Name60,80010 HardPortugal
40nando60,18011 MediumPortugal
41mbkoelle 58,97510 HardPortugal
42No Name58,80010 MediumPortugal
43No Name58,03010 MediumPortugal
44nando57,50010 MediumPortugal
45No Name57,18010 MediumPortugal
46mbkoelle 56,42510 HardPortugal
47nando56,36011 MediumPortugal
48No Name55,76012 EasyPortugal
49No Name55,69010 MediumPortugal
5026-10-201654,61010 MediumPortugal
51nando54,01010 MediumPortugal
52Sao53,94010 MediumPortugal
53No Name53,71010 MediumPortugal
54No Name53,43010 MediumPortugal
55No Name53,32010 MediumPortugal
56No Name53,09010 MediumPortugal
57No Name53,06010 MediumPortugal
58nando52,89010 MediumPortugal
59nando52,82010 MediumPortugal
60No Name52,82010 MediumPortugal
61nando51,54010 MediumPortugal
62No Name51,17510 EasyPortugal
63nando51,17010 MediumPortugal
64No Name50,810MediumPortugal
65No Name50,71010 MediumPortugal
66No Name49,74010 MediumPortugal
67nNanaanao Name49,550HardPortugal
68No Name49,300EasyPortugal
69Carlos49,10011 EasyPortugal
70No Name49,060MediumPortugal
71No Name48,680MediumPortugal
72No Name48,210MediumPortugal
73No Name48,140MediumPortugal
74No Name47,965EasyPortugal
75No Name46,740MediumPortugal
76No Name46,340MediumPortugal
77No Name46,170MediumPortugal
78No Name45,700MediumPortugal
80No Name45,075HardPortugal
81No Name44,840MediumPortugal
82No Name44,71010 EasyPortugal
83No Name44,470MediumPortugal
84No Name44,410MediumPortugal
85No Name44,350MediumPortugal
86No Name44,020MediumPortugal
87No Name43,980MediumPortugal
88No Name43,580MediumPortugal
89No Name43,370MediumPortugal
90No Name43,290MediumPortugal
91nNanaanao Name42,410MediumPortugal
92No Name41,800MediumPortugal
93No Name41,275HardPortugal
95No Name41,090MediumPortugal
96No Name40,890MediumPortugal
97No Name40,750MediumPortugal
98No Name40,275HardPortugal
100No Name39,750MediumPortugal