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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Some Countries Represented

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Polynesia Lebanon Russian Federation Indonesia Suriname Australia Monaco Portugal U.S. Virgin Islands Kuwait Netherlands Antilles Netherlands Singapore Trinidad and Tobago French Guiana Botswana Zaire Denmark Slovakia Colombia East Timor United Republic of Tanzania Zimbabwe Spain Pakistan Brunei Darussalam France Venezuela Cote D Germany Poland Martinique Paraguay Algeria Bolivia Guatemala Papua New Guinea New Zealand Macedonia Bahamas Senegal Japan Romania Saint Lucia Haiti   Republic of Korea Saint Kitts and Nevis Northern Mariana Islands Ireland Saint
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Grenadines Guam Ghana Cameroon Cambodia Guinea-Bissau Austria

Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Oceania  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1mow708,55061 HardAustralia
2CHARLIE157,62518 HardAustralia
3SWADE144,60523 EasyAustralia
4Ola139,85017 HardAustralia
5svetka139,39523 EasyAustralia
6No Name134,50021 EasyAustralia
7Miro129,16521 EasyAustralia
8SWADE128,68022 EasyAustralia
9Susana124,62515 HardAustralia
10Ola121,50015 HardAustralia
11cnokop115,35019 EasyPapua New Guinea
12Miro114,86019 EasyAustralia
13 Susana114,42016 MediumAustralia
14 Susana113,88016 MediumAustralia
15mum113,62515 HardAustralia
16 Susana111,87514 HardAustralia
17 Susana111,05014 HardAustralia
18 Susana109,52015 MediumAustralia
19Miro108,51519 EasyAustralia
20mum107,47514 HardAustralia
21God107,35014 HardAustralia
22God107,20014 HardAustralia
23 Susana104,40013 HardAustralia
24disco104,00014 HardAustralia
25 Susana103,40013 HardAustralia
26Pauline102,75018 EasyAustralia
27Pauline101,96518 EasyAustralia
28Donald101,47513 HardAustralia
29 Susana101,00013 HardAustralia
30John99,55013 HardAustralia
31Dan97,52513 HardAustralia
32Annie92,30014 MediumAustralia
33John92,04016 EasyAustralia
34John B89,13013 MediumAustralia
35mum87,57512 HardAustralia
36Dan87,17512 HardAustralia
37alice86,02512 HardNew Zealand
38mum85,70012 HardAustralia
39maureen85,55515 EasyAustralia
40John85,20013 MediumAustralia
41mum83,50012 HardAustralia
42margNo margp83,40015 EasyAustralia
43No Namemumu81,60013 MediumAustralia
44Annie81,24013 MediumAustralia
45sandra79,64013 MediumAustralia
46Dan79,40011 HardAustralia
47cnokop79,31015 EasyPapua New Guinea
48Pauline79,17015 EasyAustralia
49Pauline78,49515 EasyAustralia
50 77,32511 HardAustralia
51mandie76,78012 MediumNew Zealand
52mumy76,07511 HardAustralia
53kei75,92512 HardGuam
54No Name75,65011 HardAustralia
55nobyc enokb75,34514 EasyNew Caledonia
56RickTasmania75,270 New Score13 EasyAustralia
57John75,25012 MediumAustralia
58di75,19012 MediumAustralia
59yoghan75,02511 HardAustralia
60Sandra74,24012 MediumAustralia
61margNo margp74,22014 EasyAustralia
62No Name74,15011 HardAustralia
63margNo margp74,13014 EasyAustralia
64Pauline72,75514 EasyAustralia
65R.11-12-1272,45011 HardAustralia
66buc72,43013 EasyAustralia
67Lisa72,33014 EasyAustralia
68margNo margp72,32513 EasyAustralia
69svetka72,29013 EasyAustralia
70margNo margp72,13514 EasyAustralia
71Dan71,52511 HardAustralia
72Annie71,16011 MediumAustralia
73CHIEF70,97514 EasyAustralia
74cnokop70,96514 EasyPapua New Guinea
75margNo margp70,27513 EasyAustralia
76maureen70,16013 EasyAustralia
77Motherduck68,21012 MediumAustralia
78No Name68,03011 MediumAustralia
79No Name67,91013 EasyAustralia
80cnokop67,63013 EasyPapua New Guinea
81margNo margp67,22513 EasyAustralia
82cnokop66,70513 EasyPapua New Guinea
83svetka66,50013 EasyAustralia
84CESTENT66,34514 EasyNew Zealand
85George66,12011 EasyAustralia
86No Name66,11013 EasyGuam
87julie k66,05011 MediumAustralia
88Sandra65,97011 MediumAustralia
89Almost There65,82510 HardAustralia
90No Name65,55010 HardAustralia
91als65,52510 HardAustralia
92upchuk65,26013 EasyAustralia
93CHIEF65,16512 EasyAustralia
94JEFF 65,12013 EasyAustralia
95cnokop65,11013 EasyPapua New Guinea
96Jenny64,80012 EasyAustralia
97nestor270614b64,74010 MediumAustralia
98Noela Name64,72510 HardAustralia
99CHIEF64,65513 EasyAustralia
100No Name64,57510 HardAustralia