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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Macau  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Ulisses J. F. Marques104,27018 EasyMacau
2Ulisses J. F. Marques94,12017 EasyMacau
3Ulisses J. F. Marques91,69016 EasyMacau
4Ulisses J. F. Marques91,07016 EasyMacau
5Ulisses J. F. Marques87,62017 EasyMacau
6Ulisses J. F. Marques83,30514 EasyMacau
7Ulisses J. F. Marques80,04015 EasyMacau
8Ulisses J. F. Marques75,32014 EasyMacau
9Ulisses J. F. Marques74,91014 EasyMacau
10Ulisses J. F. Marques74,82514 EasyMacau
11Ulisses J. F. Marques74,76514 EasyMacau
12Ulisses J. F. Marques64,35013 EasyMacau
13Ulisses J. F. Marques63,76513 EasyMacau
14Ulisses J. F. Marques59,23011 EasyMacau
15Ulisses J. F. Marques54,28512 EasyMacau
16Ulisses J. F. Marques50,79511 EasyMacau
17Ulisses J. F. Marques48,91010 EasyMacau
18Ulisses J. F. Marques44,58010 EasyMacau
19Ulisses J. F. Marques43,57510 EasyMacau
2078938,47510 EasyMacau
21No Name18,250HardMacau
22No Name16,950MediumMacau
23No Name15,050HardMacau
24No Name12,850HardMacau