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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Japan  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1 161,85525 EasyJapan
2R1159,07518 HardJapan
3Alum157,19524 EasyJapan
4boss150,42517 HardJapan
5mourinyo147,92516 HardJapan
6Aalum145,79023 EasyJapan
7No Name143,95023 EasyJapan
8No Name142,59019 MediumJapan
9 139,86024 EasyJapan
10R1138,55016 HardJapan
11Maria~♪138,00016 HardJapan
12No Name137,28021 EasyJapan
13boss134,92515 HardJapan
14cattail132,07022 EasyJapan
15mourinyo126,75015 HardJapan
16 124,89021 EasyJapan
17s.w124,41020 EasyJapan
18R1123,47515 HardJapan
19R1122,70015 HardJapan
20motan122,18017 MediumJapan
21No Name121,00014 HardJapan
22RONIN-E117,03520 EasyJapan
23nakata115,66018 EasyJapan
24 114,51019 EasyJapan
25 114,05016 MediumJapan
26aoyama114,00014 HardJapan
27No Name113,24518 EasyJapan
28Maria~♪113,00014 HardJapan
29RONIN-E112,56019 EasyJapan
30Alum111,57017 EasyJapan
31No Name109,70018 EasyJapan
32Maria 109,15014 HardJapan
33Maria~♪107,97513 HardJapan
34 107,88019 EasyJapan
35RONIN-E107,84019 EasyJapan
36RONIN-E107,61519 EasyJapan
37No Name106,00013 HardJapan
38Alum105,79018 EasyJapan
39No Name105,28518 EasyJapan
40No Name104,95018 EasyJapan
41RONIN-E104,36017 EasyJapan
42 103,87017 EasyJapan
43Maria~♪103,50013 HardJapan
44Maria 103,25013 HardJapan
45RONIN-E102,81018 EasyJapan
46cattail102,49017 EasyJapan
47No Name102,47513 HardJapan
48No Name102,22513 HardJapan
49 100,82517 EasyJapan
50No Name100,40518 EasyJapan
51poohrenger141101100,37018 EasyJapan
52k100,36018 EasyJapan
53のりぶし100,28517 EasyJapan
54RONIN-E100,22018 EasyJapan
55No Name99,91015 MediumJapan
56No Name99,27513 HardJapan
57kato-tetsu99,00013 HardJapan
58 98,97016 EasyJapan
59RONIN-E98,27016 EasyJapan
60No Name398,07512 HardJapan
61boss98,02015 MediumJapan
62No Name97,49018 EasyJapan
63No Name97,40012 HardJapan
64Maria 97,32513 HardJapan
65H26.12.2896,67512 HardJapan
66No Name96,62513 HardJapan
67boss96,02013 MediumJapan
68No Name95,83517 EasyJapan
69 MAKI osaka 95,74017 EasyJapan
70kato-tetsu95,65013 HardJapan
71 95,58017 EasyJapan
72No Name395,27513 HardJapan
73のりぶし94,43014 MediumJapan
74boss94,30013 HardJapan
75RONIN-E94,20517 EasyJapan
76No Name93,60013 HardJapan
77mikan93,50013 HardJapan
78Maria 93,07512 HardJapan
79No Name92,42513 HardJapan
80のりぶし92,08516 EasyJapan
81Maria 91,90012 HardJapan
82No Name91,86516 EasyJapan
83No Name91,66016 EasyJapan
84kyonta91,58017 EasyJapan
85No Name91,57513 HardJapan
8626102691,24016 EasyJapan
87Maria 91,00012 HardJapan
88No Name90,68016 EasyJapan
89Maria 90,62512 HardJapan
90No Name90,50516 EasyJapan
91Nao90,39516 EasyJapan
92hiro90,35015 EasyJapan
93akira90,09013 MediumJapan
94 89,85516 EasyJapan
95 89,64016 EasyJapan
96kei89,52513 HardJapan
97KAZUNANA89,40013 MediumJapan
98 89,37512 HardJapan
99akira88,93013 MediumJapan
100motan88,87013 MediumJapan