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Random Mahjong High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!

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Mahjong Top 100 Scores for Finland  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1151230 SAA113,30014 HardFinland
2151015 SAA105,02513 HardFinland
3160111 NAA103,85013 HardFinland
4Henrik v W99,30013 HardFinland
5No Name98,29517 EasyFinland
6ahvena97,27513 HardFinland
7Tapuli96,55013 HardFinland
8Silja94,87517 EasyFinland
9Tapuli94,87513 HardFinland
10miisu1594,62512 HardFinland
11в.в .90,52512 HardFinland
12miisu1589,82512 HardFinland
13Santtu89,81013 MediumFinland
14Tapuli88,80012 HardFinland
15Hannu88,01012 EasyFinland
16в.в .85,62512 HardFinland
17Ahvena81,02511 HardFinland
18Eikka79,94014 EasyFinland
19в.в .14.1679,90011 HardFinland
20в.в .79,05011 HardFinland
21Henrik v W78,40011 HardFinland
22Ahvena75,92511 HardFinland
23No Name75,04014 EasyFinland
24tapuli74,77511 HardFinland
25No Name73,82511 HardFinland
26No Name73,45011 HardFinland
27No Name72,56013 EasyFinland
28No Name72,43514 EasyFinland
29MAR72,20011 HardFinland
30Ahvena71,77511 HardFinland
31Ahvena71,62511 HardFinland
32Hannu71,58510 EasyFinland
33umt70,30012 MediumFinland
34No Name68,66513 EasyFinland
35mami68,63513 EasyFinland
36No Name67,95010 HardFinland
37Ahvena64,85010 HardFinland
38No Name64,47011 MediumFinland
39No Name64,12510 HardFinland
40Henrik v W64,05010 HardFinland
41mt63,86513 EasyFinland
42No Name63,75010 HardFinland
43tapuli63,47510 HardFinland
44MAR63,35010 HardFinland
45tapuli62,60010 HardFinland
46Eikka62,06012 EasyFinland
47Ahvena61,82510 HardFinland
48Ahvena61,10010 HardFinland
49Ahvena60,75010 HardFinland
50Henrik v W60,55010 HardFinland
51Ahvena60,25010 HardFinland
52Henrik v W58,42510 HardFinland
53Henrik v W58,075HardFinland
54Ahvena57,87510 HardFinland
55Ahvena57,82510 HardFinland
56Ahvena57,55010 HardFinland
57Ahvena57,15010 HardFinland
58No Name57,07510 HardFinland
59tapulaattori57,00010 HardFinland
60jt56,70010 HardFinland
62No Name56,55010 HardFinland
64No Name56,275HardFinland
65No Name56,20010 HardFinland
66uyuNo Name55,92010 EasyFinland
67No Name54,16011 EasyFinland
68No Name53,575HardFinland
69Henrik v W53,325HardFinland
70Henrik v W52,250HardFinland
72Henrik v W52,125HardFinland
73Henrik v W51,725HardFinland
74No Name51,27010 MediumFinland
75Henrik v W50,975HardFinland
77Henrik v W50,600HardFinland
78Henrik v W50,450HardFinland
79Henrik v W50,450HardFinland
81Henrik v W49,350HardFinland
82Henrik v W49,325HardFinland
83Henrik v W49,250HardFinland
84Henrik v W49,200HardFinland
85Henrik v W49,000HardFinland
86Henrik v W48,475HardFinland
88No Name46,410MediumFinland
89No Name44,430MediumFinland
90No Name44,06510 EasyFinland
91No Name43,600MediumFinland
92mamma42,69010 EasyFinland
93No Name42,130MediumFinland
94mamma42,11510 EasyFinland
95No Name42,110MediumFinland
97No Name40,990MediumFinland
99No Name40,250MediumFinland