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DaisyWords High Scores

Share your High Scores scores with this page using the 'Share' button at the bottom of the in-game High Scores page. Compare your scores with others in your country, continent, or with the whole world!
Note: Only the best 5 scores from any Android is displayed so everyone gets a fair chance to make their mark on the top 100!

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Some Countries Represented

  United States Germany Republic of Korea India United Arab Emirates Czech Republic Ireland Trinidad and Tobago Puerto Rico Canada Poland Malaysia Indonesia Australia Brazil Russian Federation Spain United Kingdom Slovenia Greece Philippines Islamic Republic of Iran France Kazakstan South Africa Thailand Romania Hong Kong Israel Mongolia Saudi Arabia Mexico Singapore Colombia Brunei Darussalam Costa Rica Austria Italy El Salvador Chile

DaisyWords Top 100 Scores for United States  (Remove Filter)

  Name Score Level  
1Mike376,06051 HardUnited States
2Mike325,00051 HardUnited States
3Mike282,28048 HardUnited States
4Mike281,85049 HardUnited States
5Mike270,03040 HardUnited States
6breez216,06033 EasyUnited States
7breez215,28033 EasyUnited States
8breez212,52030 EasyUnited States
9kzen194,39046 EasyUnited States
10breez187,48032 EasyUnited States
11breez186,08033 EasyUnited States
12David151,56033 EasyUnited States
13David148,57034 HardUnited States
14David142,45037 HardUnited States
15David140,90033 HardUnited States
16Rick C. 139,63039 HardUnited States
17Rick C. 134,88034 HardUnited States
18David130,09034 EasyUnited States
19Rick C. 125,18034 HardUnited States
20Rick C. 124,54034 HardUnited States
21kzen124,45038 EasyUnited States
22Rick C. 120,38040 HardUnited States
23Rick C. 113,42033 HardUnited States
24kzen109,15035 EasyUnited States
25Rick C. 103,06031 HardUnited States
26Rick C. 99,24035 HardUnited States
27Rick C. 95,97033 HardUnited States
28Rick C.95,76031 HardUnited States
29kzen94,31033 EasyUnited States
30lynez79,79036 MediumUnited States
31Nik75,43045 HardUnited States
32Uncle Mike74,59042 EasyUnited States
33prebed67,93024 EasyUnited States
348\10\1467,10034 MediumUnited States
35jai66,85022 EasyUnited States
36Nik64,98039 HardUnited States
37Amanda62,34032 EasyUnited States
38Nik61,93040 HardUnited States
39prebed61,34023 EasyUnited States
40Jasper 59,41032 HardUnited States
41Amanda58,72029 EasyUnited States
42kzen58,39032 EasyUnited States
43lynez57,89030 MediumUnited States
44kzen56,85023 EasyUnited States
45Carl55,64022 HardUnited States
46Amanda54,98034 EasyUnited States
47Jasper 54,55027 HardUnited States
48Nik54,33034 HardUnited States
49prebed54,24021 EasyUnited States
50hybrid53,89023 EasyUnited States
51Jasper 53,74032 HardUnited States
52Amanda52,69050 EasyUnited States
53Amanda51,72046 EasyUnited States
54error51,25020 MediumUnited States
55Nik50,90032 HardUnited States
56thwarted by ella50,27021 EasyUnited States
57kzen50,01022 EasyUnited States
58evening Cassie47,95023 EasyUnited States
59legacy47,82021 EasyUnited States
60Jasper 47,33027 HardUnited States
61Jasper 47,16028 HardUnited States
62morning Cassie44,09024 EasyUnited States
63Jen41,96044 HardUnited States
64Mojo40,85035 EasyUnited States
65lynn38,44053 HardUnited States
66prebed Cassie coolness38,23026 EasyUnited States
67lynn38,03055 HardUnited States
68Cheryl37,41054 MediumUnited States
69Cheryl36,75053 MediumUnited States
70lynn35,89053 HardUnited States
71>^..^<35,72042 EasyUnited States
72lynn34,92049 HardUnited States
73jai32,57016 EasyUnited States
74No Name29,23018 MediumUnited States
75Bob28,27029 MediumUnited States
76Stephanie28,09040 MediumUnited States
77sheleo28,03031 HardUnited States
78jai24,86023 EasyUnited States
79Janet24,60021 MediumUnited States
80April24,55028 MediumUnited States
81Deb24,49039 EasyUnited States
82April24,10026 HardUnited States
83med M23,91045 MediumUnited States
84Janet23,90018 MediumUnited States
85Nana BJ23,80045 EasyUnited States
86sheleo23,66025 HardUnited States
87No Name23,62025 HardUnited States
88Deb G23,43040 EasyUnited States
89Deb G23,36040 EasyUnited States
90u know it sheleo23,25024 HardUnited States
91April23,12025 MediumUnited States
92Lynn23,05029 HardUnited States
93Janet22,93017 MediumUnited States
94sheila22,78028 HardUnited States
95Deb G22,69040 EasyUnited States
96Michele22,57040 MediumUnited States
97sheleo22,53021 HardUnited States
98Jynxzy 3-26-201422,45020 MediumUnited States
99Michele22,03040 HardUnited States
100Janet21,88020 MediumUnited States